How Could I Leave Her?

I lost part of myself today. The biggest part, really, up until I became a mother. The part that defined me; before I was a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a student, a person…I was a Soldier. It was the path I’d chosen for myself when I was just barely 17 and desperate […]

The Most Honorable Thankless Job

I am a Black Woman veteran that proudly served in the United States Army. I served as a leader of Soldiers, a person of integrity, and committed to accomplishing my mission in peacetime as well as in combat. Most importantly, I served the U.S. Army, my family and my country honorably. When I hear the […]

Ash Flakes

Uncountable drops clouding and squeezing me tight, as I ponder with wonder of the unknown above me and below and yet to come. Lonely sets in with uncomfortable ease as is the meek face of a new born wide eyed with astonishment and wanting of womb, with facial expression of fear from detachment of comfort […]

International Indigenous Peoples Day

Billy di waayu Met la kat la di wil’waatgu Ganhaada di p’deegu Seattle di wil dzogu Linda Booth na di wa noyu Violet Atkinson-Booth na di niyaayu Billy Booth na di nits’iit’s’u My name is Will I am from Metlakatla, BC/Alaska My crest is Raven Clan I live in Seattle, Washington My mother is Linda […]


I think about who we might have been if we weren’t colonized and enlisted into the machine. My mother’s birthday is October 12th, all my life it was on the calendar as Columbus day. My neighbor flies an American flag, his family has been in Oregon for five generations. His family came on the mayflower, […]

Black Officer, White Navy

Tennis great and Army officer Arthur Ashe once said “Being a Black man is like having another job.” That’s not one of the quotes you’re likely to find on the web: perhaps because it’s so not “inspiring.” Instead, his quote about not letting racism and sexism stop you from doing your best is prominent. In […]

Give Light & People Will Find The Way

I can sum up my experience at MVA with one word: Empowerment. For Minority Veterans of America, empowerment is the goal we have for our programs and veterans. But what is empowerment? How can we recognize it? Evaluate it? Talk about it with others? Many have come to view “empowerment” as nothing more than a […]