For Me

For me, a Phoenix represents rebirth and regeneration. A phoenix is something born from the ashes that rises and is engulfed in the beauty of grandeur and strength. All veterans, regardless of time in service, rank, or discharge changes once they leave the armed forces. The transformation from sailor, marine, airman or soldier to civilian […]

Blazn A New Trail In Seattle

My name is Tramese “Missy” Byrd. I am an African American, LGBTQ, disabled Veteran. At the age of 18 I signed a Division One basketball scholarship to the United States Air Force Academy. The campus felt like home, until I started acting differently and did not know why. During my junior year I began having […]

All Patriots On Deck

In 2018, I found out I wasn’t alone. In fact, I’m seeing more and more patriotic veterans wondering what happened to our country, and this gives me hope. It tells me that we’ve found a voice. Despite the differences in rank, branch of service, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and age, we are banding together and speaking […]

Patriot Prayer is Not My Kind of Patriot

I signed up for the military a couple years after 9/11 happened. I was in DEP (Delayed Enlistment Program) while in high school and my family had something of a tradition or, more accurately, a necessity of doing one enlistment before moving on back to the civilian world. My father would tell my sister and […]