April 14th, 2004

I remember the day, April 14th 2004, it was a Wednesday. It was arguably one of the worst days in my life. Definitely up there with my 2nd term miscarriage and the death of my mother. I had been going to medical almost every day for 3 ½ months and they had finally sent me […]

#TransThriving Through Adversity

My name is Mak Vaden, and I am a 30 year old transgender soldier with 12 years of honorable service and am still serving on active duty orders in the National Guard. I enlisted in 2006 after my first year of college and went into the reserves, shortly thereafter transferring to active duty until 2010 when […]

Warrior Spirit Service

By: Haliehana “Alagum Ayagaa” Stepetin My dad raised me to hunt, fish, and hike, camp, build fires, and drive a skiff. He taught me to cast a line on the beach, take the hook out of a fish mouth, slide my fingers under the gills, crack the neck and bleed it. He taught me to […]

Bridging the Gap ~ Vanessa Jenkins

The miles that separate us causes my heart to pound Every beat is synchronized with the chimes from your heart. The miles that separate us form a bridge that is endless…bending….curving.. Winding across the continent like a gentle whisper……shhhh.. Bridging two worlds….two cultures….two families…..into one unit…. Bound by determination and love. The miles that separate […]

Feminism!? Who needs that crap?

By: Amber Mathwig In late January of 2012, I was 29 years old and just beginning my first on campus college experience. I was excited for college. I was excited to be leaving the military after 10 very long years. I purposefully wore sweatpants and tie-dyed arm warmers most of the first month of classes […]