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Minority Vets Membership

Have you been looking for something bigger than yourself since you left the military? Do you often feel like you are missing your sense of belonging in your community? Do you want to celebrate the identities you hold beyond military service member of veteran?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, Minority Vets is the home you’ve been looking for. Membership to the organization is free and is open to Veterans of Color, Women Veterans, LGBTQ Veterans, (Non)Religious Minority Veterans, and our allies.¬†

Who we serve

Veterans of Color
Women Veterans
LGBTQ Veterans
(Non)Religious Minority Veterans

Why join?

To Find Community
To Tell Your Story
To Create Change

Membership Benefits

Access to Minority Vets events 

Ability to connect with other members

A supportive community

Leadership opportunities

Resources and information

Networking opportunities